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This article is dedicated to helping a reader of Scrum Master. This Is The Way and Misunderstood Stances of a Scrum Master. Advanced Model articles understand the difference between these models of Stances and Misunderstood Stances of a Scrum Master and those originally described by Barry Overeem in The 8 Stances of a Scrum Master whitepaper.

Types of Stances

This is one of the key changes introduced in Scrum Master. This Is The Way. It was not offered by the original model of stances in The 8 Stances of a Scrum Master whitepaper. Reading the latter, it was tough to understand why, for…

1. Introduction

This article is dedicated to providing a detailed explanation of Misunderstood Stances of a Scrum Master mentioned in the Scrum Master. This Is The Way article. Like its original version proposed by Barry Overeem in The 8 Stances of a Scrum Master whitepaper, it should serve as a guide for a Scrum Master to understand the most common behavioral patterns that hinder a Scrum Master from staying on The Way of a Scrum Master.

Apart from some changes and clarifications, the model provided in this article extends the original one. So, it should help Scrum Masters keep on The Way…

Author: Denis Sunny


In a separate article, we considered how to make an Agile Transformation (in general) work for strategic business goals. Undoubtedly, Scrum is the most popular Agile framework. While the ideas relevant to Agile Transformations in general also apply to Scrum adoption, the latter has its own context which we will address in this article.

It will be assumed that the reader knows what is Scrum — at least according to the Scrum Guide and the Whitepaper “Scrum — A Framework to Reduce Risk and Deliver Value Sooner”. In this case, it should be clear that Scrum adoption is not about…

Author: Denis Sunny


Agile Transformation may turn out into a complete waste of money without any improvement in the company’s capability to achieve its strategic business goals. If this is something you can not quite agree with, then you might not find this article valuable. Neither will it make any difference to an organization that goes for an Agile Transformation solely to keep Agile Coaches busy.

We will assume that the reader considers that Agile is a mindset, a culture. …

Author: Den Sunny


Many organizations try to adopt Scrum or other Agile frameworks that are based on self-organization, for which teamwork and trust are must-have. If an organization does not achieve a respective cultural change, it faces a critical risk of having little beneficial results from Agile frameworks adoption compared to the investments into it.

Culture eats strategy for breakfast

(Peter Drucker)

Is Culture something on the very top of this food chain and which can’t be eaten by anything else? In other words, is there anything that can change Culture within an organization? …


Each Agile framework is tailored to optimize the organization in some specific way. When a company decides to adopt one of these frameworks, it should clearly understand what sort of organizational optimization this framework will foster. If this is not the one needed for the company, this framework might wreak havoc instead of benefiting the business.

In this article, we will try to identify the Optimizing Goals of Scrum and of those Scrum-scaling frameworks, which are entirely in line with Scrum.

What are the Optimizing Goals, and why needed?

Optimizing Goals of an Agile Framework reflect the intended state of some key organizational characteristics that this framework enables…


The Scrum Guide gives a high-level description of the Scrum Master role. There are many good sources of information about different stances taken by the Scrum Master to fulfill the responsibilities.

Before looking into them, it should be clear what goal this role pursues. When we know the goal, it should be possible to identify the Perfection Vision for the Scrum Master.

We will try to answer these questions in this article.

“Black Square” of Malevich is considered by many as perfection at the fine arts. The picture source is here.

Scrum Master

Let’s recall how the Scrum Guide describes Scrum:

“Scrum is … difficult to master”

(The Scrum Guide)

The organization needs excellent expertise to master Scrum. A Scrum Master…

Denis Sunny

100% Scrum Master, PSM III, PSPO I, CLP, Candidate LeSS Trainer

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